Count On Us to Treat All Parts of Your Neuropathy

We offer holistic neuropathy treatment in Mason, MI & the Lansing, MI area

If you've been diagnosed with neuropathy, you've probably already tried prescription medications as treatment. Although some medications can help you control your pain, they usually don't treat your actual condition. Instead of covering up your pain while your condition worsens, try holistic neuropathy treatment at Momentum Health Centers in Mason, MI. We'll reduce your pain and rebuild your damaged nerves at the same time. This way, you can get back to living a healthy lifestyle.

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There are hundreds of causes for neuropathy. Our patients have success, no matter the cause.
- Chemotherapy-induced
- Post-surgical
- Diabetic neuropathy
- Bodily trauma-induced

Try ultimate light therapy today

Try ultimate light therapy today

In addition to treating your condition with physical therapy and nutrition management, Momentum Health Centers uses neuropathy treatment. This holistic neuropathy treatment works by:

  • Targeting your cells with specialized lighting
  • Increasing the oxygenation of your damaged tissue
  • Stimulating your mitochondrion to accelerate your healing process
Once your cells are energized, they can begin repairing your damaged nerves. To learn more about this neuropathy treatment, visit Momentum Health Centers in Mason, MI today. We're always happy to answer your questions.