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Take control of your heath by addressing the cracks in your foundation that compromised your health. 

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Do not settle for a prescription that merely covers up your symptoms. You will learn to give your body the tools it needs to heal and repair itself!

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You will work within a proven curriculum designed to encompass and support your nutrition, physical fitness, cellular restoration, mental mindset, and hormones. 

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“I had plantar fasciitis in my feet quite bad, and in the middle of this program it just disappeared! I feel a lot better too – I’ve lost some weight and everything’s better.”

Jim M.

“[My wife and I] We’re eating a lot better! I did it basically for Sue [my wife]… We’ve got a little bit to go yet but we’re doing pretty good!”

Steve K.

” I feel a little more energetic, which is amazing because it’s been so long, and I’m walking with a friend a couple miles per day… that’s been really nice.”

Sue K.

“I have lost 10lbs., which was my goal, and I’m just thinking about what I eat more… I’ve learned a lot about food.”

Lori F.

“I have lost about 20lbs., I have lost inches…but that’s the side benefit. The best benefit is my health – how good I feel, how wonderful I feel! I have been diagnosed with severe chronic depression and general anxiety, and I can tell you, I have none of that now!”

Bobby J.

“The classes have been great because you get a chance to interact with other members.”

Don R. Graduated Member

“I came to see her [Dr. May], went through a plan, and because of that – because of the things I was taught and the support of the staff – I changed a lot of things in my life. And within three months I was diagnosed as NON-pre-diabetic! So that was the big thing.”

Kandy B. Graduated Member

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