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Neuropathy Treatment

You CAN heal your neuropathy! Follow our proven curriculum to reduce your pain and symptoms, increase your balance, regain your independence, and feel like yourself again!

Doctor-Assisted Weight Loss

We don’t do cold-turkey and we don’t do perfection. In order to achieve results and keep weight off for life, you need a systematic, educational program that flexes to fit your life. You’ve tried all of the quick-fix fad diets. It’s time to take a doctor-assisted approach to your weight loss.

Diagnostic Testing and Assessments

Do you have cracks in your foundation? Find out! You need testing that is more revealing than what a traditional doctor’s office offers, and that’s where we come in.

Health Coaching

Drive yourself to chase your goals and we will be there to guide you and cheer you on! Ask questions, submit food journals, inquire about different products – whatever you need to stay the course. Change is hard, but having a health coach makes it easier.

Chronic Condition Care

Take a different approach to managing your high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol by changing your lifestyle! Using a natural and holistic approach, you will heal your chronic conditions once and for all. Now is the time to live the life you’ve always wanted!

Lifestyle Management

You deserve a customized, whole-person approach to your health care. Learn to live a lifestyle that will allow you to exceed your health goals and last a lifetime!

Are You Ready for a Change?

Momentous Success!

“I had plantar fasciitis in my feet quite bad, and in the middle of this program it just disappeared! I feel a lot better too – I’ve lost some weight and everything’s better.”

Jim M.

“[My wife and I] We’re eating a lot better! I did it basically for Sue [my wife]… We’ve got a little bit to go yet but we’re doing pretty good!”

Steve K.

” I feel a little more energetic, which is amazing because it’s been so long, and I’m walking with a friend a couple miles per day… that’s been really nice.”

Sue K.

“I have lost 10lbs., which was my goal, and I’m just thinking about what I eat more… I’ve learned a lot about food.”

Lori F.

“I have lost about 20lbs., I have lost inches…but that’s the side benefit. The best benefit is my health – how good I feel, how wonderful I feel! I have been diagnosed with severe chronic depression and general anxiety, and I can tell you, I have none of that now!”

Bobby J.

“The classes have been great because you get a chance to interact with other members.”

Don R. Graduated Member

“I came to see her [Dr. May], went through a plan, and because of that – because of the things I was taught and the support of the staff – I changed a lot of things in my life. And within three months I was diagnosed as NON-pre-diabetic! So that was the big thing.”

Kandy B. Graduated Member

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